“I was so inspired watching you…your passion for dance shines through, & your expectations on the girls, that they can do “it” correctly , or as perfect as they can be, as each student is different, is inspiring.” Chrissy Burrel



    At IDS we encourage dancers to be the “best” they can be at every class. These qualities do not only serve a purpose in dance class but in general everyday life.


    : From ages 14years and above, our dancers are challenged in EVERY class, developing new and advanced skills and techniques to reach competitive industry standards.


    At this age, our dancers are encouraged to start taking ownership of their dancing and strive to reach personal goals and excel in every class.


    Whether it be at Eisteddfods, during Exam preparation or in weekly classes, dancers have to work as a team and support and encourage each other. Troupe work allows teams of dancers to collaborate, motivate each other and work as one.



A formal dance style used to teach agility, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and grace. RAD & AICD Ballet Examinations are offered and some dancers are offered opportunities to develop Pointe work.


A class that develops balance, agility and moto co-ordination and is proving to be a popular additional skill for dancers studying all genres. More advanced Acrobatic students are often opportunities to work from a gymnastic facility to develop advanced skills.


A combination of dance styles that comes from the musical theatre arts. Flexibility, strength, rhythm, jumping, turning and advanced skills are all developed during this class.


An artistic combination of ballet techniques and naturalistic movement. These classes focus on developing a connection between the dancing body and movement.


A dance style distinguished by percussive footwork that creates rhythm patterns on the floor. Classical, Industrial, Accapella and Commercial Tap are all styles applied to Tap classes at this level.


A dance style that belongs to the Urban dance banner. Classes are fun, high energy and face paced. Competition opportunities are available for some levels.

Uniform & Class Etiquette

  • Black Capezio leotard as a base
  • Black Ballet wrap skirt and Pink Ballet tights for Ballet
  • Bike shorts or leggings for Jazz, Tap, Contemporary
  • Black Capezio Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Capezio Slip on Jazz Shoes
  • Hip Hop/Breakdancing – Branded Infinite T-shirt or Singlet, Black shorts/bike shorts/leggings with Black converse or trainers
  • Knee pads are encouraged for Advanced Jazz & Contemporary classes.
  • Infinite Branded Tracksuits and t-shirts are available for purchase directly from Infinite Dance Studios. Elite students MUST have a full IDS tracksuit to wear to competitions/performances.


2nd hand footwear available for purchase from Infinite Dance Studios. New footwear and uniform can be purchased from Geelong Dance Supplies on Little Malop St, Geelong.

  • Full uniform, including correct footwear MUST be worn each week to classes. Please arrive to class looking neat and well groomed, this includes hair pulled back, no jewellery, no chewing gum and mobile phones turned off.
  • Please be punctual. If you are more than 5 minutes late you will not be permitted to join class until deemed a ‘suitable’ time.
  • Please make class changeovers quick and efficient. As soon as your class has finished, please pack up and leave as swiftly as possible to avoid wasting class time.
  • Attendance is important: If more than 2 classes are missed per term you will be charged for any additional absences. It is expected that class groups develop as a team; missing out on class time will leave you falling behind and not enjoying the dance experience.
  • Attendance and commitment is compulsory for Elite teams, frequent absences will jeopardise your position.
  • Don’t forget your water bottle!
Our Elite Dancers