Infinite Dance Studios Terms and Conditions


Enrolment and participation is based on agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All items produced by Infinite Dance Studios (including original music edits, choreography, creative concepts, costumes, props and sets) remain the property of Infinite Dance Studios and cannot be replicated or reproduced. All dance teaching staff are appropriately qualified and skilled in the delivery of dance tuition and while Infinite Dance Studios will not be held responsible for any injuries which may occur whilst in class or on the premises at the Shed @ 10, Infinite Dance Studios will seek medical attention or administer basic first aid for your child immediately if needed.
  2. In order to provide adequate dance training, it is necessary for dance teachers to physically coach in the development of student technique and placement, which may require strictly appropriate physical contact between dance teaching staff and students. It is also understood that any sort of development cannot occur without a formal and structured approach to all dance classes administered at Infinite Dance Studios. Dance is a form of discipline and this will be advocated throughout all dance classes at Infinite Dance Studios.
  3. It is understood that an annual, non-refundable enrolment fee applies to all students at the commencement of their enrolment date. $20.00 for ALL students.
  4. It is agreed that Term fees will be paid by the invoice due date or a late penalty fee of 10% will apply with an increase of 5% each week thereafter. ALL students applicable for a 3 or more class special or a ‘Ballet and Theatrical’ discounted rate are expected to pay by the Term. Instalment options are available if personally discussed with the Director.  Casual payment is ONLY available to those students doing 1 or 2 classes per week, whereby only a family discount will apply.
  5. It is a rule at Infinite Dance Studios that a maximum of 2 lessons per Term are allowed to be missed. Payment for all lessons missed thereafter will be expected. A courtesy email, phone call or text message is expected for all absences. Positions will be jeopardised if students are noted to have missed a significant amount of classes without a formal explanation.
  6. It is understood that there are NO REFUNDS on any payment of Term fees, enrolment fee, IDANCE fee, costume hire, uniform payment and DVD order unless unforeseeable circumstances means that classes must cease for the Term at the direction of the Director or drastic personal circumstances have occurred. At any case, plenty of communication must occur between student, parent and teachers in these sorts of circumstances.
  7. It is understood that those students participating in classes of an ‘A’ strand or ‘Elite’ strand are expected to represent Infinite Dance Studios in competitions and performances throughout the dancing year. These may involve further costs such as; rehearsals, costume hire fees and entry fees.
  8. It is the discretion of the Director and staff of Infinite Dance Studios as to which students are given opportunities to compete and perform at Eisteddfods throughout the year.
  9. All Infinite Dance Studios students are expected to perform in the annual production IDANCE.  By participating in this event you are giving consent for Infinite Dance Studios to use photographs and/or video footage of the dance student for promotional purposes e.g. website, newspapers, events or flyers.
  10. Please be aware that Infinite Dance Studios reserve the right to sell videos of students who participate in the end of year performance and professional performance and/or group photos. Original photographs/videos taken by staff are held securely by Infinite Dance Studios and used for business purposes only.
  11. All students are required to wear full studio uniform to every lesson.  We do not “gloss over” students that attend lesson out of uniform.  We firmly believe it is an important part of learning as it encourages a sense of discipline & reminds us of our duty as a student.
  12. All parents are responsible for remaining up to date with studio information. Many avenues are provided to do this; Term Newsflashes, Term Countdowns, Group representative emails, Facebook updates and a detailed website.
  13. Infinite Dance Studios cannot be held responsible for any property lost or damaged on the premises.
  14. All students & parents must behave in a respectable manner towards all staff members of Infinite Dance Studios both inside the studio & out.  Any kind of rude or disrespectful behaviour will result in the immediate expulsion of the student, forfeiting any term or advance payment.
  15.   All students & parents must respect all decisions made by the Director of the studio.
  16. During the period of enrolment and participation at Infinite Dance Studios, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to advise the Director if personal circumstances and/or information change

By submitting your 2017 enrolment form, you are stating that you have read & clearly understand all terms & conditions of Infinite Dance Studios and agree to follow them.