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Applications Now Open for 2021 Enrolments

If you are interested in being a part of the Infinite family in 2021 and learn more about the classes we offer, please fill in your details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Please list (in detail) all prior dance experience so that we can assign you to the most appropriate class.

Classes can be easily suggested and allocated if you provide us with an accurate indication of previous dance experience, including genre’s studied and levels completed.

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Are you able to assist with sewing?

It is expected that Infinite Dance Studios students are not dancing with any other studio unless discussed with the director.

Looking For Quick Answers?
Find the most frequently asked questions below.

It is imperative that ALL students sign in at reception when they enter the studio, before class commences…EVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID!

There are 2 ways to pay your fees at Infinite Dance Studios

Weekly payments can be made at the START of each class by directly handing your cash payment in at the admin desk. Weekly payments are ONLY offered to students who attend ONE class per week
Requesting a Term Invoice and ensuring payment is made by the specified date by either cash/cheque or as an Internet payment. All these details are provided on the invoice.

Students who attend 2 or more classes per week are no longer considered casual, therefore MUST pay be the Term.

Invoices are sent electronically so please ensure Infinite Dance Studios has your correct email address.

A 10% penalty fee applies to all invoices if payment is not received by the due date.

Please ensure that if you are paying via the internet you MUST include your invoice number, otherwise we do not know where the funds have come from!!

The admin office will be open for students and parents during the following hours

Monday 4.00-7.00pm
Tuesday: 4.00 – 7.00pm
Wednesday: 3.45 – 7.00pm
Thursday: 4.00 – 7.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am-1.00pm
Outside of these times please contact Fiona personally by phone or email to discuss or clarify anything else, please avoid interrupting class time.

There are many performance opportunities available to selected Infinite Students throughout the year. These include local festivals and events, competitions throughout Melbourne and Geelong and Solo and Duo work at festivals. It is the discretion of the Director and teachers at Infinite Dance Studios as to which students or classes are selected to perform.

RAD and AICD Ballet students are given opportunities to sit Ballet Exams or presentations later in the year (usually August/September)

Glenn Wood Tap Exams are also offered to certain classes.

Students who wish to sit a Ballet exam, MUST attend 2 Ballet classes a week in their Grade level.

Additional costs will incur for those students wishing to sit an Exam.

All students have the opportunity to perform in our end of year production IDANCE 16, held on Saturday 3rd December, 2016.

To be part of iDANCE 2016, a non-refundable  fee applies.

1 child – $20.00

This cover’s the cost of your child’s theatre insurance levy, participation medal and ALL additional rehearsals in both 310 Studio and the Playhouse Theatre.

The 3 weekends leading up to the production will require ALL students to be available for additional rehearsals. Please inform us ASAP if you will not be available during this time as it may affect your position in the show.

Please note: For those 3 weeks of rehearsals, most Saturday classes will be held on a Friday evening so normal class time is not sacrificed.

Students will HIRE costumes from Infinite Dance Studios. These range between $20-$40 per costume.

Sometimes you will be asked to assist with a ‘minimal/easy’ sewing task, but more often than not, there is no work involved in preparing the consumes for the end of year concert.

The end of year production ALWAYS promises to be a spectacular event, and one enjoyed by all involved…just ask a local!

For your convenience Infinite Dance Studios has its very own Uniform Shop.

All uniform requirements, except footwear can be purchased via the IDS Uniform Shop.

Infinite Dance Studios asks students to purchase from our Capezio footwear stock. Please visit Geelong Dance Supplies on Little Malop street and say that you are from Infinite Dance Studios to ensure that you are fitted correctly.

Infinite Dance Studios recommends that you purchase our unique style and brand of uniform, especially students aged 6yrs and above who are attending formal Ballet classes, as these uniforms may act as a costume base or used specifically for exam preparation work

Full uniform, including correct footwear MUST be worn each week to classes. Please arrive to class looking neat and well groomed, this includes hair pulled back (into a bun if attending Ballet class), no jewellery, no chewing gum and mobile phones turned off.

Ballet: black Capezio leotard, black wrap ballet skirt, pink ballet tights (in colder months), pink split sole ballet shoes and hair in a bun.

Theatrical/Contemporary: black Capezio leotard, black infinite singlet (senior students only), black ballet wrap skirts, black shorts or leggings. Black jazz shoes, Tan tap shoes,

Funk/Hip Hop: Black infinite singlet or tee, black tracksuit pants/shorts/leggings,, high tops, trainers (preferably black).

This uniform applies to ALL students including Fairy Ballet & Jazz.

Dance is a discipline, if you LOOK ready to dance, you ARE ready to dance!

Infinite Dance Studios tee shirts and Branded tracksuit can be ordered in  terms 1 and 3.

Uniform order forms will be available at the front desk when orders are being taken, as will samples of the tee shirts / hooded jumpers for sizes.