As a mother, I have never seen my daughter so happy and passionate about her dance again. Infinite Dance Studios’ professionalism and eye for detail in all aspects of dance is outstanding.” Tahnee Kahle

Building strong bodies, mental focus & friendships.

  • Friendships

    ‘Dance friends are the best kind!’. Working so closely with your dance peers inevitably allows for strong and beautiful connections to form and develop…and last a lifetime.

  • strength & flexibility

    As dancers bodies grow, building strength and flexibility play a large role in dance classes. Not only with this benefit them hugely and aid in the prevention of injury but will encourage long Gevity and freedom of movement as adults.


    Dancers are focused, determined, passionate and most of all DISCIPLINED. Attending class each week, working as a team, practicing outside of class and working to full capacity are all traits of a disciplined dancer. A quality that will serve our Juniors not only as dancers but in the real world.


    Self-confidence is something all parents desire for their children. Breaking through the fear or being watched and mastering new skills is a huge accomplishment. Our dancers are exposed to so many avenues to master new skills, perform in front of others, and be part of a community of children with similar goals.



A combination of dance styles that comes from the musical theatre arts. Flexibility, strength, rhythm, jumping and turning are all elements addressed in this class.


A dance style distinguished by percussive footwork that creates rhythm patterns on the floor. Tap Exam opportunities exist for dancers 8yrs above.


An artistic combination of ballet techniques and naturalistic movement. These classes focus on developing a connection between the dancing body and moment.


A dance style that belongs to the Urban dance banner. Classes are fun, high energy and fast paced.


A formal dance style used to teach agility, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and grace. RAD & AICD Ballet Examinations are offered for dancers from 7yrs above.


A class that develops balance, agility and motor co-ordination and is proving to be a popular additional skill for dancers studying all genres.

  • Black Leotard
  • Black Ballet Wrap Skirt (bike shorts an option for Theatrical)
  • Pink Tights for Ballet
  • Tan Tights for Theatrical
  • Tan Capezio Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Capezio Slip on Jazz Shoes
  • Infinite Branded Tracksuits and t-shirts are available for purchase directly from Infinite Dance Studios.


2nd hand footwear available for purchase from Infinite Dance Studios. New footwear and uniform can be purchased from Geelong Dance Supplies on Little Malop St, Geelong.

  • Full uniform, including correct footwear MUST be worn each week to classes. Please arrive to class looking neat and well groomed, this includes hair pulled back, no jewellery, no chewing gum and mobile phones turned off.
  • Please be punctual. If you are more than 5 minutes late you will not be permitted to join class until deemed a ‘suitable’ time.

Uniform & Class Etiquette

Our talented juniors