“I’m sure you hear this all the time and you probably see it in class anyway, but I wanted to reiterate that Brigid is really enjoying dance, and say thank you!” Leisje Brice

Why dance is vital for healthy & happy kids


    Students co-ordination and understanding of the relationship between music and movement will develop.


    Learning routines, remaining focused for periods of time and following a lesson structure will develop concentrated and focused young dancers.


    Young dancers will be allowed opportunity to move and create freely in a nurturing and guided environment.

  • Friendships

    There are no better friends than the ones that share your same passion…Dance friends are lifelong friends.


fAIRY Ballet

A jam packed 30 minute class, that focuses on developing the foundations of Ballet technique in a stimulating, nurturing and exciting way.


A combined Jazz and Tap class that develops the fundamentals of both styles in a face paced 45 minute class, using both popular and musical theatre inspired music.


A more structured class, focusing on improving agility, co-ordination, flexibility and grace. Infinite Dance Studios offers the RAD Syllabus for young ballerina’s, with exam opportunities from ages 6yrs.

Uniform & Class Etiquette

  • Black Leotard
  • Black Ballet Wrap Skirt (bike shorts an option for Theatrical)
  • Pink Tights for Ballet
  • Tan Tights for Theatrical
  • Tan Capezio Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Capezio Slip on Jazz Shoes
  • Infinite Branded Tracksuits and t-shirts are available for purchase directly from Infinite Dance Studios.


2nd hand footwear available for purchase from Infinite Dance Studios. New footwear and uniform can be purchased from Geelong Dance Supplies on Little Malop St, Geelong.

  • Full uniform, including correct footwear MUST be worn each week to classes.
  • Please arrive to class looking neat and well groomed, this includes hair pulled back into a bun.
  • Please be punctual.
  • Attendance is important to ensure class cohesion and to help students work and develop together as a team
  • Don’t forget to bring your water bottle to class.
“I am moved by the tender relationship evident between you and your students. We think you’re amazing. Thank you!” Maria Kontis
Our amazing kids